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I had such a great time presenting at last weekend’s SharePoint Saturday. I had forgotten how fun presenting can be! It was cool to meet so many new folks from the SharePoint/Office 365 community.  It was a great forum to share ideas, and hear the encouraging feedback. I'm grateful for the opportunity to get my voice out there.

The Straighten The Maze Manifesto

As I've been looking back at the presentation I shared, it occurred to me that it really is my manifesto for change, so I've decided to publish it as a video/webinar.  I'm hoping that it may spark some ideas in like-minded individuals.

SharePoint is virtually unrecognizable from where it was just two years ago.  I see a huge gap for businesses today—the SP/O365 ecosystem is so overwhelming that we don’t know where to start, and often get stuck even before moving.

So much of the industry's focus is on the sexy (advanced) stuff that this awesome technology facilitates.  However without a good foundation, You'll never get to these advanced features.   There's a significant part of the business community that have the technology but are struggling with the foundational elements, and are distracted into 'analysis paralysis' by the advanced functionality.

Lightbulb in hand

I’m hoping these standards can be adopted by the industry

They tell you to dream big...

The Standards-Based Methodology

2-years ago when I was creating a roadmap and strategy to update an intranet, I couldn’t find what I needed to help guide me through the technology and process--something that a mere human could grasp.  I’m hoping I can help others that are in that same position, by taking all that I’ve learned and packaging it in reports & related tools.  One of my goals is to provide a shortcut to move businesses past the foundation elements, so they can get on with the things that are more meaningful and impactful--the sexy stuff.

The Straighten The Maze methodology will guide you through the process of building a standards-based core intranet in O365.

I'm really excited to publish this presentation/webinar, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

SharePoint Conference North America

If you are attending next week's SharePoint conference, and you are interested in what I'm developing, or are a like-minded individual--let's get together for a cup of coffee, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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