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Metadata isn’t some Gypsy hokum or sideshow trick, there’s no smoke & mirrors, it's real and it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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Bookmark my session: Straightening the Metadata, Term Store and Site Column Maze

We’ll start at the beginning, and without any slight of hand, you’ll learn how the Term Store, Site Columns and Content Types can work together to make your SharePoint ecosystem more flexible and future-ready.

We’ll review the structure of terms and make the term store less of a demon.

We'll break-down standard term sets you’re going to need to classify stuff, present and organize stuff, tag stuff, and relate stuff to similar stuff.

Learn which term sets are worth your time to create and which ones need dark magic to conjure, so they’re best to buy.  I'll share a cost-effective resource for pre-built taxonomies, like Magic!

Once you understand how the Term Store, Site Columns and Content Types work, you’ll find all sorts of ways to...

...bend them to your will

vintage picture in a trance
witch with a book of spells

You’ll be ordained into a secret society...

...with a deeper understanding of why the term store is a better place to put your multiple-choice column options, than a multiple-choice column is, and why a Yes/No term set can be better than a boolean Yes/No column.

Site Columns can supercharge your SharePoint Ecosystem.

You’ll have visions...

...of ways to use them well beyond segregating items in a list or library. Learn the pros and cons between columns that are created one-off in a list or library, versus the same thing as Site Columns.

Psychic vision neon sign
Ouiji board

Tap into the power of the Content Type Hub, a secret site whose job is to feed term-stuff to your ecosystem.  Learn how it can magically feed all your favorite columns to all sites, lists and libraries in your tenant, where changes are...

...magically communicated to all your sites

Summon spells and shapeshift...

...into a  metadata expert.  Every intranet needs one, and I can see your future.

Learn my hack that feeds ALL of my favorite custom columns to all my sites--guaranteeing consistency for my metadata throughout my full ecosystem.

metadata angel floating
books of potions and enchancements

Receive your own book of potions...

...I'll give you my handy-dandy Site Column Map that outlines all the columns, column groups, content types, and their hierarchy that are standard in a tenant.  I'll reveal how the map helps you reuse existing columns and types so you don't create new/duplicate ones.  We'll conjure a future where you'll add your custom items to it for a great ongoing reference, keeping your tenant in tip-top shape far into the future.

A magician that walks in your shoes...

I’m not a Consultant or an engineer.  I come from your shoes--the in-house strategist, architect, technologist and business operations pro with a full time job.  This is only a tiny piece of the job.

I had to figure this out so I could guide my journey to Modern SharePoint.  I’m now an evangelist, taking my experience and sharing it with the community, hoping to add a little magic to your path.

Beth moji Magic hat
Beth Moji reading a crystal Ball

No illusions here

This will be a fast-paced session that assumes you're equipped with a working knowledge of SharePoint, your Tenant, Sites and Site Collections.  It will be a strategic planning discussion, not hands-on training.  No prior experience with the Term Store, Site Columns or Content Types is necessary

Session Details

Straightening the Metadata, Term Store and Site Column Maze

aka Making Metadata your Bi+@#.

Metadata is a complicated, critical part of the Modern Integrated Intranet. Learn how to classify, organize, present, tag, and inter-relate content. Learn the core term hierarchies every business need, and how all the pieces work together as building blocks for a solid foundation. Discover tricks and tools to efficiently build, propagate and manage consistent columns through your full ecosystem. Hear straight talk to fill in the blanks and guide your path to a healthy meta-structure.

Catch the Magic
May 21-23, Las Vegas
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