Simplify Your Intranet

Decision-makers do not have the time to read hundreds of pages or attend week-long courses.
Internal team members are too busy running the business…

Our Dilemma...

How do you get up-to-speed to make good decisions?

How Do We Connect It All...

How do we build something that takes advantage of all the new and emerging functionality?

How Do We Prepare for the Unknown Future?

How do you ensure your critical technology is positioned for the undefined future? Both the future of the technology, and the future of the business!

I developed the Straighten The Maze approach because I couldn’t find what I needed during my journey to a Modern SharePoint Intranet.

Part architecture guide, part handbook on the rules of an integrated intranet...

...all around reliable reference

- Beth Hall, Founder

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Intranet projects are Vampires that suck time, money and other resources

Every intranet is unique and starts from scratch. Countless people and perspectives are involved…producing churn. Businesses are lost in the complexity maze—the technology is complex, the content is complex, the politics are complex—with many layers to navigate.

I call Bull$#*+!

It doesn’t have to be so complicated

Let’s modernize, simplify & standardize—straight-talk to guide your path to a modern, integrated intranet.

Strategic and Technical Reports

Guiding You Through the Complex Maze of Modernizing your SharePoint Intranet

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The Reports

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There's so many great things you want to do in Office 365

The problem is that you can’t do anything without a good foundation of content & metadata. Planning these items, it wraps in so much–expanding the scope to include Users and Stakeholders, looping-in Consultants. All you want to do is build a core foundation & the scope expands like an atom bomb.

By using the Straighten The Maze standard architecture, you can jumpstart your transition to a Modern Intranet. Make your project less wicked, get out of pain, and make the whole thing less overwhelming. Forming a solid foundation for the collaboration and line-of-business services that will make a difference for your business.

Until now, there hasn’t been any truly actionable, prescriptive guidance about how businesses should best use the technology we all have, for the one thing we all use it for—OUR INTRANET.

Standards based equally on how the technology is intended to work, and over a hundred award-winning Intranets. Our goal is to quickly get businesses to a healthy baseline of core intranet services in SharePoint. Saving the majority of their resources to be focused on the more advanced things that will make a difference.


colorful diagram explaining SharePoint intranet

Anatomy of a Modern SharePoint Intranet

This infographic was created to help frame and organize your intranet content, architecture and planning.  The goal is to help you quickly create the best strategy for your Intranet. The concepts outlined are based on deep analysis of over 100 award-winning Intranet sites.  They are applicable [...]
Intranet Architecture Template Diagram

Ways you can use our standard Intranet Architecture Template

A quick run-down of all the ways you can use our standard Intranet architecture template to add value to your project. Validate your planned architecture Quickly fix a mess Kick-Start discussions Content Checklist Improve decision quality Reduce Conflict Content audit [...]
minimum team size 10 people

Strategic Approaches for Today’s Intranet

Considerations for your Intranet Strategy Many things are important to consider when building your Intranet strategy.  A few of the primary drivers include the size and makeup of the project team, and the general approach you'll take to develop the Intranet.  These two decisions will drive [...]

The Intranet Project Process is Broken

Today's Broken Process Encourages Wickedness Expectations are ever increasing, businesses need faster, better and cheaper.  But the process followed for our intranet projects can't keep up, it is unsustainable.  Organizations need a great intranet, but they simply can't commit the level of [...]