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I’m focusing on the basic Intranet because nobody else is and I think a lot of people need help with it.

I LOVE TEAMS, and all the other advanced functionality O365 includes.

I believe you need a solid foundation in SharePoint before you can take advantage of the more advanced stuff.

If you try moving to the advanced stuff without a solid foundation, the experience isn’t going to be so great for users and there is a high failure rate.

  1. If an organization thinks their SharePoint intranet sucks, it is unlikely they’re going to consider moving into more advanced services, like file storage, let alone TEAMS.
  2. If you move into TEAMS without having File Storage figured-out, you’re going to have a mess on your hands.
    • Think about the confusion with a traditional file server, governance, legal holds, duplicate files, and all those issues we already deal with on traditional file servers.
  3. Metadata plays a big part in TEAMS and modern security.
    • If your organization isn’t currently applying metadata to all their stuff, you’ll need this to happen.
    • You could implement a metadata initiative WITH TEAMS.
    • Or you could step into it with a Modern integrated Meta-driven intranet, and THEN implement TEAMS.
  4. I think there’s a ton of businesses out there that need to start at the beginning and demonstrate to decision-makers how great SharePoint can be.
    • This will open the door for TEAMS

It is really a matter of building-up an organization’s technology literacy, in a way that makes sense and that doesn’t choke things.

A great modern integrated intranet seems to be the best first step to me.

Focusing on the basic intranet is my way of getting you to a place where TEAMS can be successful.

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