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There are certain taxonomies, such as the company hierarchy and locations, that are very unique to your organization, and you’ll need to build them. It is a very simple process, and the information may already exist within your systems.

The majority of taxonomies that most of us need in SharePoint are not unique. They are often general business, or industry hierarchies. A few examples of general business taxonomies are the hierarchy of terms related to employee benefits, or medical industry’s taxonomies that outline human diseases and the drugs that tackle them.

Taxonomies that are truly unique to your business are usually not very difficult to create. They are often not very deep, and most of your staff are already familiar with them. There’s not a lot of differing opinions about them, and there is usually clear lines of ownership

Taxonomies that are not unique to your business are a completely different story. They are a real pain to create from scratch. They require quite a bit of research and info collection to create them. They’re also an area where there may be differing opinions. Good general business and industry taxonomies may take years to create and refine.

I strongly recommend that you consider purchasing pre-built taxonomies. While they aren’t completely plug-and-play, they will get you 85% of the way there. Adoption of pre-built taxonomies will keep the team’s attention on the Intranet, rather than sharing attention with hierarchal lists.

This is where WAND comes in

They are an industry leader in developing and providing pre-built taxonomies. With their taxonomies, the time spent developing hierarchies is dramatically reduced. They provide a common sense starting point that you’ll personalize and implement quickly. When companies start with a blank slate, the results are usually not very successful, their taxonomies will kick-start your efforts and quickly move you to success.

WAND’s pricing is based on a subscription model for access to their database. You’ll choose the taxonomies that are appropriate for your business, and export them from the WAND database. You’ll personalize them using common tools like Word and Excel. Wand’s pricing is cost-effective, and when you compare it to the effort that would go into creating your own from scratch, I think it is downright cheap. I encourage you to seriously consider their solution & give them a call. They’re nice folks too.