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Using a meta-driven architecture is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your Intranet for the unknown future.

Metadata is intimidating at first, it can be a bit of a maze

In a meta-driven environment, there is a whole new set of questions to think through when planning a list, library or calendar. That’s why I’ve created the Straighten The Maze Design Pad

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Plan lists, libraries and calendars

  • Use as a checklist in meetings
  • Spec each column

Design page layouts and view formats

  • Sketchpad
  • Specify web parts and navigation

Handy Reference

  • Standard Content Types plus add your own
  • Column Types
  • View Types
  • Standard page elements
  • Available Web Parts

Plan views, including formatting

Consider metadata connections

We know that the vision for modern SharePoint is a flat architecture. Organizing your information with metadata instead of the hard and unforgiving structure of the past will deliver immense flexibility, even allowing you to change things without having to redo or rearchitect them. The one-dimensional organizational systems of the past just don’t cut it anymore. Metadata allows us to have unlimited dimensions associated with something — literally endless opportunities to make an item more relevant.

Assigning a few simple terms to an item in SharePoint allows you to relate any item to anything else — regardless of what it is or where it is. It is the flexible glue that connects related stuff together.

Many architecture decisions become less critical and because of this you’ll see that it reduces conflict. Decisions that were important in the past, such as what to call something, or where to put it are less relevant — with Metadata you can assign many names or departments to a single item. With Metadata you can monitor real-world use and change names and structure on the fly. Metadata turbo-powers your SharePoint intranet ecosystem.

How can you get a Design Pad?

Option 1:

If you’re attending The SharePoint Conference, May 21-23, Las Vegas


  • Say Hi to me anytime at #SPC19. Just ask me for one, I’ll try to always have some with me.

Option 2:

Download my Intranet Overview report or Intranet Architecture report and I’ll drop one of the design pads in the mail for you.

Option 3:

Print your own sheets.
Download the free PDF file and print your own sheets.