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Site columns and Content Types are an important part of your SharePoint Metadata Ecosystem. By default, there’s a bazillion of them, so I created a reference map to facilitate easy reference and backwards lookups of what Content Types contain which Site Columns.

Site Columns

Site Columns are organized into groups and you can add your own groups too. I start all my groups with “STM” for Straighten The Maze, which keeps them all together so I know immediately which ones are custom and which ones are SharePoint default.

By default there is already a ton of them, almost 300 at my last count.

It is always better to reuse existing Site Columns rather than recreating a new one, but it can be a little difficult to filter through them all. I don’t find they are at all organized for easy browsing–often the group names make no sense to me at all.

The video shown on the right scrolls through the default Site Columns in SharePoint.

I have a hard-enough time keeping track of my purse, let alone 270 site columns. So I’ve reorganized them into buckets of the column’s purpose and created a map of all of them. This saves me a lot of time.

The video on the right shows the Default Site Columns Map.

Content Types

Content Types are also organized into groups. You’ve probably already guessed that there are a lot of them, and that it is best to reuse not recreate.

The video shown here scrolls through the default Content Types in SharePoint.

In SharePoint, you have to go into Site Settings > Content Types > and open each one to see what Site Columns a Content Type includes. This means you have to really dig to reveal relationships between Site Columns & Content Types. So I’ve added these collections of Site Columns into the Map and linked the two.

I’ve enhanced the map with connections showing which Site columns are in which Content Types. It is very useful as a backwards lookup, when you want to find out what Content Types a column is in. This helps me decide if I can modify an existing Site Column rather than creating a new one.

But Wait…There’s More

There’s a lot more juice in this map, but you’ll have to explore it to find out what other gold is hidden in it.

This is a View-only version of the map.

My Metadata report will include an editable version that you will be able to modify and manage your custom groups, site columns and content types.

Please let me know if you have suggestions that would make the map more useful, and I’ll consider them for future updates.