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Downloadable informational graphic to help you understand and explain all the parts of the SharePoint metadata ecosystem. Includes relationships between components.

Are you confused by all the components of SharePoint metadata? This diagram builds to provide clarity. All components of the managed metadata system are included. Starting with basic site contents, and building to the Term Store and page displays. Shows all components and their relationships.

It is a useful tool to walk-through the technology with decision-makers, contributors and other stakeholders.

Detailed infographic of relationships in the SharePoint metadata ecosystem
SharePoint Metadata Ecosystem Infographic

Managed metadata is a key component of a modern integrated SharePoint intranet. Metadata has many components and it is challenging to understand all the relationships.

Download the PDF file now. Walk-through the details using on-board navigation that links screen captures to Term Store components. Show screen captures when needed, or focus on only the informational graphic.

Metadata is emerging functionality in the Modern interface. It has been available in SharePoint classic for a long time, but is now appearing in the Modern interface. I’ll update this diagram as new features emerge.

Let me know if you have suggestions.

Watch for future updates.

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Downloadable infographic to help you understand and explain all the components of the SharePoint metadata ecosystem, and their relationships.
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