Beth Hall

Beth Hall

I’m a Senior business manager and a change catalyst. I have a strong operational and production background, and a broad view of the business. I’m a compassionate leader interested in the impacts on people, as well as to the organization. I’m a natural storyteller who enjoys collaborating, mentoring, and sharing my experiences.

I’ve spent my career managing complex projects involving Business Operations, IT, Facilities, Resourcing, Procurement, Workflow, Creative, Production, and Finance. While my background is primarily in the creative advertising business, my experiences are applicable to most any industry, especially those in the mid-size market. I bring a strong visual character to my work.

I’ve led both client/production related disciplines as well as internal operations-focused groups, and have experience managing over 30 functional areas, covering the majority of an organization. I’ve had oversight of significant budgets, in-line with these responsibilities.

For almost 15-years I was one of a dozen shareholders for a 400+ person advertising agency, focusing on the Pharmaceutical, Health and Wellness industries. I’ve been a member of the Executive Committee, led the Operations Steering Committee, and led many transformative business projects and teams.

I’m a gearhead, F1 fan (#TeamLH), and I like to go fast no matter how many wheels I’m on. I laugh a lot.

Why I Started Straighten The Maze

Your hair is on fire

I’m a fixer who tackles complex tech, operations and people projects.  This created many opportunities for a street-smart, figure-it-out, get-it-done person like me.

I quickly stepped into executive-level responsibilities.  Responsibilities that moved on and off my plate depending on business priorities.  Production, Administration, Operations, IT, Facilities, Workflow…I’ve been responsible for most areas of the business.

This has been a great fit for a hands-on person like me because I need to always be learning.  The not-so-great part is that my hair has always been on fire.

Cartoon Beth with her hair on fire

I lost my MoJo

After a few decades in these sorts of high-stress, 24/7/365 roles, I was empty.
I was dead behind the eyes, and needed a rest, but knew that I still had a lot to contribute.

Focus on the things you love

An opportunity to reflect and come out with a new & improved me.

  • What do I have great passion for?
  • What can I accomplish that others can’t do as well?
  • Who are my people?
  • What work do I love to do?

Re-capturing my MoJo

  • I’m passionate about helping people.
  • I'm a tech geek
  • I have an excess "inventory" of knowledge about SharePoint and Office 365, that is just sitting in my "warehouse"
  • The SharePoint community is filled with my people, and it is a supportive community.
  • I love solving problems that are a mix of technical, creative, operations and people.
  • I have a unique perspective, in that I've managed so many areas of the business.
  • The fact that I've held an ownership stake in a business as it grew from under 100, to 500 employees also shapes my perspective.
  • I enjoy writing and speaking, and I’m pretty good at it.

Don’t work with Jerks

Life’s too short to work with jerks, stop doing that.

Beth Moji lightbulb idea

The perfect problem to solve

The business community needs help with understanding the labyrinth of Office 365 and SharePoint Intranets.

Let’s take all the things I struggled with understanding over the past few years (as SharePoint transitioned), and package it up. Let’s create the resource I wish I had when I started the journey.

Let’s help businesses bypass the BS of Intranet projects, and quickly get them to a healthy tech foundation–so they can get the basics out of their hair and move on to all the great things that the technology can do.

Straighten The Maze is Born – 2018

Professional Goals

  • Change how we approach Intranet projects
  • Help you move through the maze faster, cheaper & with less grief
  • Provide guidance & best practices that make Intranet projects easier
  • Help others focus less on the basics, so they can spend more time on the things that make a difference

Personal Goals

  • Provide a more meaningful contribution
  • Helping others is in my DNA, I get a jolt from it
  • Live a less stressful lifestyle, enjoy it all a bit more
  • Let's have some fun!