Beth Hall

My Life: 2016-2018

Long-Overdue Intranet Rebuild

It is a full-time job just to keep-up

Constant Change

I Felt Lost
Many Times

It took a long time to understand the Microsoft vision

The Basics Aren't Part
of the Conversation

Most of the industry’s attention is on the sizzle

We Have the

But we’re struggling with the foundational elements


Distracted by advanced functionality and spinning in cycles of confusion with each new update

Straighten The Maze is Born

I Couldn’t Find What I Needed

I’m developing the Straighten The Maze approach because I couldn’t find what I needed during my journey to a modern integrated Intranet.

Part architecture guide, part handbook on the rules of an integrated Intranet; it us an all-around reliable reference for someone creating or directing an Intranet.

Something to help define the strategic vision for a modern, integrated intranet that is focused on future flexibility.

businessman is lost in a maze of complex stairs and hallways
Part architecture guide, part handbook on the rules of an integrated Intranet; it is an all around reliable reference for someone creating or directing a SharePoint intranet.

How Can I Help the Community

SharePoint’s transition was super hard for me. Like you, I’m a pretty smart person. I’m someone who usually connects the dots easily. I’ve been hands-on in SharePoint since it was introduced. I’ve attended many conferences, workshops and other SharePoint events. I have a strong relationship with Microsoft and a solid network of consultants.

I’m a person who doesn’t give up. Without this commitment, I would have never figured it out. I can only imagine how lost my peers, who cannot commit this amount of time, are.

My Background

I have over 30-years experience leading business operations and technology as a COO, CIO, and Workflow Architect. For the past 15-years I was a shareholder of a 450-person business.

I’m a hands-on strategist, technologist and power user who has been deeply immersed in SharePoint since it was released, and I’ve been working with the online version since introduced.

I focus on business operations and process, and have managed hundreds of technical, people and process projects. It’s a fact that consistently, the most challenging projects I have been involved in have been anything intranet-related.

There is a real gap in that there isn’t any truly actionable, prescriptive guidance about how a business should best use the technology we all have, for the one thing we all use it for—our Intranet.

White Maze grid
The Wolf from pulp fiction

The Cleaner (Mr. Wolf)

Throughout my career, I have been told that my super-power is that I can move into an area of the business that is not working well, break it down, rebuild it, operationalize it and then hand it off to someone else to manage.

I’ve architected Business Units, Departments, Functional Areas, New Services, Processes and Technology. I’ve moved around the business a lot, with responsibility for over 30 functions which cover most areas of the business.

I’ve gotten so much from the SharePoint community through the years, and I’m thankful for that. This is my opportunity to use my super-power and give something back, by showing you how to Tame your Wicked Intranet.

There Has Got to be a Better Way

There are well-established practices driving the Intranet project process. They are the same process you would have followed 10+ years ago, and improvements have been minimal.

Stakeholders involved in these projects have a surface-level understanding of the technology, at best. More times than not, they don’t really know what they’re asking for, and there aren’t enough practical constraints around scope when the world is your oyster.

I call Bull$#*+! It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let’s modernize the process and simplify where we can. Let’s build a solid foundation in SharePoint and quickly get to live. Let’s get the basics out of our hair by standardizing them, and leverage that standardization to reduce the people involved, reduce the discovery/background requirements, reduce the complexity, reduce the politics, and reduce the cost.

There has got to be a better way

My Goals for Straighten The Maze


  • Change how we approach Intranet projects
  • Help you move through the maze faster, cheaper & with less grief
  • Provide guidance & best practices that make Intranet projects easier
  • Help others focus less on the basics, so they can spend more time on the things that make a difference


  • Provide a more meaningful contribution
  • Helping others is in my DNA, I get a jolt from it
  • Live a less stressful lifestyle, enjoy it all a bit more
  • Let's have some fun!