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Company Happenings Power App Template – Update to Version 2

CONTENTS Bug Fix Design Improvements All New Landscape Version Final Notes Related Posts: The Issue with PowerApps and SharePoint Calendars Delivering a Consolidated Snapshot from Multiple SharePoint calendars I've made quite a few updates to the Company Happenings [...]

The Issue with PowerApps and SharePoint Calendars

There’s a big issue when using a SharePoint event calendar as a data source in Power Apps. I have found very technical scenario-specific mentions of it in developer forums, but I’ve been unable to find any real practical advice to help me understand the principles of what is going on, or how [...]
Phone in hand showing power app consolidating all company events this week into a single snapshot screen

Delivering a Consolidated Snapshot from Multiple SharePoint calendars

Most of us have at least three categories of dates we publish to our staff.  We need to share this information in both a short-term snapshot, as well as notify everyone of longer-term dates that are coming up. such as all-employee meetings, important HR paperwork deadlines, and social [...]
Image Specs for Modern SharePoint

How SharePoint Handles Images

We’re all familiar with the concept of responsive page design, but I doubt that many of us have given any thought to how images are actually handled in responsive framework.  This concept impacts Modern SharePoint significantly, and is most apparent when dealing with Header or Banner Images and [...]
colorful diagram explaining SharePoint intranet

Anatomy of a Modern SharePoint Intranet

This infographic was created to help frame and organize your intranet content, architecture and planning.  The goal is to help you quickly create the best strategy for your Intranet. The concepts outlined are based on deep analysis of over 100 award-winning Intranet sites.  They are applicable [...]
Intranet Architecture Template Diagram

Ways you can use our standard Intranet Architecture Template

A quick run-down of all the ways you can use our standard Intranet architecture template to add value to your project. Validate your planned architecture Quickly fix a mess Kick-Start discussions Content Checklist Improve decision quality Reduce Conflict Content audit [...]
minimum team size 10 people

Strategic Approaches for Today’s Intranet

Considerations for your Intranet Strategy Many things are important to consider when building your Intranet strategy.  A few of the primary drivers include the size and makeup of the project team, and the general approach you'll take to develop the Intranet.  These two decisions will drive [...]

The Intranet Project Process is Broken

Today's Broken Process Encourages Wickedness Expectations are ever increasing, businesses need faster, better and cheaper.  But the process followed for our intranet projects can't keep up, it is unsustainable.  Organizations need a great intranet, but they simply can't commit the level of [...]
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