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Intranet Architecture Template Diagram

Ways you can use our standard Intranet Architecture Template

A quick run-down of all the ways you can use our standard Intranet architecture template to add value to your project. Ease concerns that you’ve overlooked something, or that your plans aren’t quite right.Quickly clean-up a messy Intranet.  Take action right away. Use our standard [...]
minimum team size 10 people

Strategic Approaches for Today’s Intranet

Considerations for your Intranet Strategy Many things are important to consider when building your Intranet strategy.  A few of the primary drivers include the size and makeup of the project team, and the general approach you'll take to develop the Intranet.  These two decisions will drive [...]

The Intranet Project Process is Broken

Today's Broken Process Encourages Wickedness Expectations are ever increasing, businesses need faster, better and cheaper.  But the process followed for our intranet projects can't keep up, it is unsustainable.  Organizations need a great intranet, but they simply can't commit the level of [...]
stacked cubes representing complexity cubed

Businesses are Lost in an Intranet Complexity Maze

The technology is complex, with many layers to understand. SharePoint is a flexible, deep and wide technology that has a lot of parts. Office 365 keeps growing and offering more and better services. It isn’t always clear how they fit together.  Our Intranet strategy has a lot of ground to [...]
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