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Intranet research reports

Nielsen Norman Reports on Intranets

The Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) publishes a variety of research reports on Intranet design and usability. They are the gold standard for info and stats on intranet design and user behavior. Each year NNG analyzes hundreds of intranets and judges the best of the year. They publish a design [...]
View other company's intranets

Portal Examples – Large Corporations

This is a good-sized collection of Intranet screen shots. For the most part they are large corporations with established teams committed to their intranet initiatives--big companies, with big intranets, and a big team to support it. Notes: Dynamic portals with capabilities well beyond a [...]
Computer on a desk in a loft

Inside My Toolbox

I'm starting to collect and share all of the frequently used sources and favorite tools that I use. I think of it as my published Favorites list. As an example, This morning I found a nice little post by a fellow in Norway, that is a quick reference on how to find the GUID of any column for any [...]
SharePoint design fabric

All things Microsoft UX

The UI Fabric site is all about sharing the design standards Microsoft follows for their products. You'll find fonts, icons, button styles, wireframes and code here. The item I use most frequently is the THEME GENERATOR. This tool allows you to specify primary and secondary colors, [...]