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BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal Yeti

The Big Hairy Audacious Goal

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal, or BHAG (pronounced bee-hag), is a strategic business statement, similar to a vision statement, which is daring and brazen.  BHAGs are usually emotionally-based, and for the long-term.  Folks outside the business often see it as questionable or unobtainable, [...]

Kill the Business Requirement, Long Live Culture

Culture is a large part of every tech implementation. I dislike the term “business requirement”, it is overused, and doesn’t have the right meaning anymore. What it is really about is CULTURE; what can the culture accept, and what is the culture willing to change. In the technology [...]

Stepping Users into SharePoint file Storage

Some users need extra time to get comfortable with the concept of managing files with metadata, rather than the detailed folder hierarchy structure we tend to have a love/hate relationship with. View Settings Options for a SharePoint Library SharePoint has added a document library view [...]

Odd Scaling that makes your Hero image go Yuck

Caution when using Jigsaw Hero images Stephen Collier has a great article that provides guidance on how to use a single image to span a multi-image Hero web part in SharePoint. He calls them "Jigsaw" images. It is one of my go-to design elements for a site's home page. It presents such a nice, [...]

Be an image Design SuperHero

One of the most valuable things I have in my toolkit is a slick online service Canva is my first line of defense, and I use it constantly. Essentially, every time I need to do something where the deliverable is an image file, I almost always do it in Canva. It is the best $12.95 I spend [...]
Image Specs for Modern SharePoint

How SharePoint Handles Images

We’re all familiar with the concept of responsive page design, but I doubt that many of us have given any thought to how images are actually handled in responsive framework.  This concept impacts Modern SharePoint significantly, and is most apparent when dealing with Header or Banner Images and [...]