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What is your pricing model?
My pricing goal is to make the Straighten The Maze reports within reach for any business.  Pricing focuses on value and affordability. You’re never going to make everyone happy with it, so I’ve focused on being fair. I've used value-based pricing--this means the price is based on the [...]
Do I need all the reports, or can I just buy one?
Save where you can and splurge where you need to.  That's my motto for most projects. Absolutely, you should just purchase what you need.  The reports are meant to work independently, as well as together, so just buy what you need. If you totally have your act together with metadata and [...]
How much will the reports cost?
I know some reports are still being written, but I need to understand the full nut before I can commit to buying my first Report. I know that you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into.  Purchasing decision makers need to have a complete picture before committing to buy the [...]
YIKES! your reports are expensive, why?
till you taste the sandwich for some organizations I hope the Free Overview report will give you a sense of the quality of the rest of the reports. That’s one of the reasons I’m giving it away. After reading it, I'm confident you'll have a good sense of the high value in the rest [...]
Why is the Overview report free?
  here's a few of them .     .    [...]
Wow, Your reports seem so cheap, why?
  shouldn't = a crappy intranet I’ve tried my best to price things fairly, and make the reports affordable so they can help more people. The more reports I sell, the more great intranets that out there and ready for the next step.A primary goal has been to price things so folks [...]