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Delivering a Consolidated Snapshot from Multiple SharePoint calendars
Most of us have at least three categories of dates we publish to our staff.  We need to share this information in both a short-term snapshot, as well as notify everyone of longer-term dates that are coming up. such as all-employee meetings, important HR paperwork deadlines, and social [...]
Mind Manager Helps Tame your Intranet
Is it a flowchart or a database? its both! Manage your project more effectively. Produce status reports from your architecture mapsTrack future items in an organized “parking lot”Add date stamps and notes on the flyUse alternative views of our plan to uncover hidden gotchasUse icons, [...]
Be an image Design SuperHero
One of the most valuable things I have in my toolkit is a slick online service Canva is my first line of defense, and I use it constantly. Essentially, every time I need to do something where the deliverable is an image file, I almost always do it in Canva. It is the best $12.95 I spend [...]