Do I need all the reports, or can I just buy one?

Each report is meant to stand on its own

Purchase only what you need

Save where you can and splurge where you need to.  That’s my motto for most projects.

Absolutely, you should just purchase what you need.  The reports are meant to work independently, as well as together, so just buy what you need.

If you totally have your act together with metadata and really understand that dimension of your Intranet, than please don’t buy the Metadata Report.

If you only want a kick-start or checklist for your architecture, than just buy the Architecture Report.

I’ve created the Straighten The Maze approach because I couldn’t find what I needed when I was in your shoes.  I hate spending more than I need to, so it is important to me that each of the reports stands on its own, and that you only buy what you need.

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