What action can I take now?

What can I do now to move forward?

I get that you’re working on the rest of the reports, but what can I do now?

Take the First Step

Buy the Architecture Report and prepare yourself for important discussions

1.There’s tons of details to understand and work-through related to the CORE intranet, start to familiarize yourself with them.  The Architecture Report is the cornerstone, and I’ve produced it first since it can move you forward the quickest. There is a lot of information in it that you’ll need to absorb and personalize to your business.  The Architecture report includes a whole section about how to move forward, which is a more detailed answer to this question.  The first step is buying and reading the Architecture Report.

Start having internal sales discussions

Recruit some allies for the new approach.  Understand what objections folks may have


Once you get your arms around the concepts and feel like you can adequately explain them, begin talking about the approach with like minded people in the organization.  Validate your thinking, and consider other perspectives.

Use these preliminary discussions as an opportunity to pre-sell folks on a different way of doing things.  These conversations will help prepare you for some of the tougher discussions to come.

Start first with folks that will be friendly to the new way of thinking about the intranet project.  Once you’re ready for it, add-in a discussion or two with folks you think may object.  Listening to their perspective will help prepare you for decision-maker discussions.

Set-up a demo ecosystem

Giving decision-makers and stakeholders something to look at is critical


Use a lab tenant if you have one.  If you don’t have one, consider enrolling in Microsoft’s Developer program where they’ll give you a lab with a limited number of users, essentially for free.

I strongly recommend a lab, but if it isn’t for you then create the demo ecosystem as private sites in your production tenant.

Set-up the ecosystem as outlined in the Architecture Report

Create demo content

Lots of it, and make it good


Create “bogus” content that you’ll use for demos.  Re-work existing intranet text into the new model.  Focus on creating a best-in-class experience, don’t slap it together just to get it done.

Content will be used to inspire decision-makers and contributors, so spend an appropriate amount of time here.

The Bottom Line

  • There's a lot of valuable action you'll take based on just the Architecture report.
  • The rest of the reports will simply make the path a bit smoother, but the architecture report alone will make the mountain a more manageable hill.
  • By the time you work through all this, I'll have likely delivered the next set of Reports.
  • Give me a call if you get stuck, I'm always happy to help.
Beth Moji Do It

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