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Intranet Architecture Diagrams

The Architecture report is more than 100 information-packed pages that connect the big picture to all the little details.  It includes a detailed diagram of the complete ecosystem and a separate diagram of knowledgebase wiki topics. You'll receive three additional diagrams providing more detail, helping you stay organized, secure and efficiently manage your intranet project.  A custom list guidance spreadsheet contains column-by-column configuration and screen captures of formatted lists.

Achieve intuitive navigation for your modern integrated SharePoint intranet.  The report details navigation from all five levels: Tenant, SharePoint, Hub, Site & Page.

Many Examples
  • All 5 levels of navigation
  • Home page content and structure framework
  • News & Content pages framework
  • Internal operations wiki home page
  • Section lead pages
  • Web Part configuration
  • Transitional and permanent content
  • Personalizing the diagrams for your business
  • Screen Captures

The Architecture report guides you through all of the CORE phase components of your SharePoint ecosystem. Our standardized architecture is delivered as a map/diagram of over 500 items.

Architecture is clarified through 4 perspectives: User Experience, Navigation, Topic Organization & Technical.  You'll have a 360° view of essential intranet features and the  architecture needed to deliver them.  

Map diagrams include
  • An all-in model extracted from the analysis of over 100 award-winning Intranets
  • Over 800 diagram items
  • Topic organization for your internal operations wiki
  • Managing transitional content with Microsites
  • Libraries, Lists and Views configuration, recommendations and view examples
  • Recommendations for naming & tagging
  • All diagram items are tagged for easy filtering
  • Related items are linked
  • Extensive item notes and examples
  • Steps to personalize the standard map for your organization
  • SharePoint updates and emerging features
  • Holding bin for future phase items
  • Provisioning and permission gotchas
Technical Guidance for all components

SharePoint setup and configuration.  Structure to optimize intranet ecosystem administration.

The architecture diagrams are packed full of information with many detailed examples. Step-by-step walk through how to use the diagrams to connect the technical components to a great user experience.

Detailed guidance
  • Maximize flexibility through metadata
  • Leverage powerful microsites
  • Hub site memberships
  • Administrative content to preserve a healthy intranet
  • Administrative Lists & Libraries, plus their configuration
  • List formatting JSON for better looking lists
  • Leveraging features of the SharePoint Home
  • Office 365 features outside SharePoint: Delve, PowerApps, Flow, Forms, Stream and Bing
  • Essential content lists that everyone needs: FAQs | Locations | Technology Service Issues Alerts | Committees, Projects & Communities | IT Service Catalog
converging circles of perspectives and navigation models


5 levels of Navigation
and 4 Perspectives

Into one 360° view

All essential intranet features
and the architecture to deliver them*

* Scope is CORE phase as outlined in the Overview report.

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome
  • Reminders - The Overview Report
      • Intranets are wicked problems
      • CORE, COMMON & UNIQUE phases
      • Vision & Tenets
      • Simplified process of the standard approach
      • Implementation staging
  • Items we used to worry about
    • Search
    • Aggregating news
    • Navigation to all sites
    • People profiles
    • Video
    • Polls & surveys
  • A strictly modern intranet
  • Gaps in modern calendar functionality
  • Gaps in hierarchical view of pages
  • Clarifying the view through 4 perspectives
  • Navigation model
    • 5 levels of navigation
    •  Tenant
    • SharePoint Home
    • Hub Site
    • Site
    • Page
  • User experience model
    • Primary user experience elements of home page
    • Diagram of home page content
      • Detailed review of each element
      • Content Promotion
    • News & Events
    • Microsites
    • Knowledgebase
  • Technical model
    • SharePoint setup and configuration
    • Intranet services chart
    • Site Summaries matrix
  • Topic organization model
    • 9 primary topics for knowledgebase organization
  • Mind Manager helps tame your intranet
  • Orientation to the files included in this kit
  • Map elements
    • Technical & user experience maps
    • Map tags
    • Linked related items
    • Item notes
  • Personalizing for your business
    • The process
    • Example personalization
    • All-in model
    • Topic depth drivers
    • Moving the map to reality
  • The architecture files
    • Details for each file
      • File name & type
      • Description
      • Map wayfinding
    • Full intranet ecosystem
    • Knowledgebase topic map
    • Collaboration team sites - future phase
    • Provisioning & Permissions
    • List Guidance
    • Quick index map
  • Next steps
  • The agile approach (lite)

Files Included

MindManager      More than 500 nodes of information on the map      Topic Organization Model      Technical Model provides configuration guidance      User Experience Model

Architecture Report Pricing

  • Individual

  • $1,200

  • 40% Discount
  • Only You
  • Organization Plus

  • $3,000

  • Base price + 50% consultant access fee
  • Purchasing Company and the Consultants engaged on their Intranet project.
  • Consultant Organization

  • $3,000

  • Base price + 50% consultant access fee
  • 1 Consultant Organization plus One Client Engagement