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This report outlines the strategic vision for your Modern Office 365 Intranet. It is the important overview that will give you a complete picture and help you define your strategy.

How to tame
your wicked Intranet problem
  • Framework for a new approach
  • Actionable guidance to step into SharePoint online
  • Your prescription to save time and money

It’s a mandatory for any business over the size of 50 people to have certain CORE intranet functionality; It isn’t a choice, it is just a standard business necessity.

We review how intranets today are built without common guidelines, and yet they all deliver the same thing. We’ll set the stage to stop reinventing the wheel, and provide the strategic blueprints for a more agile method based on standard practices and guidelines.

Steps you can take today
to build a solid foundation
  • Get your house in order
  • Move online
  • Reduce complexity
  • Simplify and speed-up
  • Build a modern Intranet

Let’s deliver a great, fantastic, flexible, future-ready intranet and then move on to the things that DO make a difference. Those things that are unique to your business, and the collaboration tools that will improve efficiency. Those things that help improve the bottom line.

Flexible, standards-based
organization and navigation
  • Based on deep analysis of hundreds of award winning intranets
  • Leap-frog slow & painful discovery
  • Reduce conflict

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome
  • The Straighten the Maze Reports
  • Businesses are Lost in the Complexity Maze
  • Intranets are Wicked Problems
  • Today’s Approach for Intranet Projects Encourages Wickedness
  • I call Bull$#*+
  • Framework for a New Approach
  • Focused Implementation
  • Candidates for Standardization
  • Phased Implementation
  • Standardized Organization is Achievable
  • Straighten The Maze Standardized Architecture
  • Why I’m Tackling Intranets
  • The Architecture Models
  • Adopting the Standardized Approach
  • The Architecture Personalization Process
  • Anchor your Intranet with Metadata
  • Page Elements
  • Naming is the Most Important Metadata
  • User Behavior Considerations
  • Put-ability and Find-ability
  • Meta-Modeling with Taxonomies
  • I got Your Back
  • Managing Your Project and Team
  • Vision and Tenets Provide Important Guardrails

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