Businesses are Lost in an Intranet Complexity Maze

Businesses are Lost

in a Complexity Maze

The technology is complex, with many layers to understand. SharePoint is a flexible, deep and wide technology that has a lot of parts. Office 365 keeps growing and offering more and better services. It isn’t always clear how they fit together.  Our Intranet strategy has a lot of ground to cover.

The complexity isn’t only on the surface, it goes deeper into the infrastructure. Its about where your tenant is located, the release cycle you’re on, how your users are managed, and where you maintain employee data. Moving closer to the surface, you have sites, and the framework that holds your content. The top level is the architecture of your navigation, and the fields for metadata to link it all together. Your design and content all need to fit as well.

The Intranet is not a something, it is a distributed Lots of Things

– overheard discussion between 2 SharePoint pros

Over the last few years, almost every area of SharePoint has changed and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the SharePoint community. It is important to let go of the legacy approaches, to embrace the Modern online ecosystem and, more important than ever, to use the technology as intended.  Building your strategy can require a multi-year deep-dive into the technology.

The technology is one component of complexity, and there are many others. Most businesses are complex, with process and workflows that need to be understood. Stakeholders are complex and politics add to the complexity.

Not just Complex


Complexity of the



Are Complex

Complex Organizational




How does an organization that is still stuck in eMail get there?

  • While dealing with a landscape that is constantly changing
  • Many businesses are 10-years behind the technology
  • They want to catch up, but don't know how
  • They need an intranet strategy that builds technology literacy naturally. Nobody has the time for training.

We Need a Clear Path


  • Get our house in order
  • Move online to a great intranet
  • Build a solid foundation
  • Simplify & speed-up the process


  • Number of people involved in these projects
  • Amount of discovery/background
  • Complexity
  • Time to Go-Live
  • Cost
  • Dependency on consultants or in-a-box solutions

Straighten the Maze is working to simplify intranets by building standards for the CORE things we all do. We’re focused on the common foundational items that are complicated, easy to get wrong, and that every business creates from scratch.

By delivering prescriptive standards to modernize and simplify this process, we’re helping get the basics out of your hair so you can move on the truly unique things your business needs.

.     .     .


More information to help you build your Intranet Strategy

Intranets are Wicked Problems

A wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.


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