Shhh finger over lips

Your Intranet 
has a 

Dirty Little Secret

It isn't completely unique

Snowflakes are unique, your intranet isn't

There are 3 buckets that all Intranet services fall into

Stuff everyone does

Core Intranet - Stuff everyone does

Stuff many businesses do

Common Intranet - Stuff many businesses do

Stuff only your business does

Unique Intranet - Stuff only your business does

Detail of services in each:

SharePoint Intranet content strategy explained in pictures

The CORE Intranet is:

  • Important foundation that sets the stage for more advanced services
  • Technically complicated and easy to get wrong
  • Required to run your business--just like pencils & paper
  • Doesn't make a bit of difference to your bottom-line

Don't you wish there was a way to REDUCE:

  • Number of people involved
  • Amount of discovery/background
  • Complexity
  • Time to go-live
  • Cost
  • Dependency on consultants or in-a-box solutions
Core Intranet - Stuff everyone does

Our Standardized Architecture:

  • Best practices based on hundreds of award-winning Intranets
  • Leverages all the work that has come before
  • Detailed technical recipe for your CORE Intranet
  • Applicable to all company sizes and markets
  • Uses the technology the way it is intended
  • Prepares you for COMMON and UNIQUE functionality
  • Extremely cost effective, no long-term financial commitment

So you can:

  • Use in-house staff to configure
  • Reduce expert support
  • Quickly get it out of your hair
  • Move on to focus on the Collaboration & Business tools the company really needs

STOP reinventing the wheel

for your completely 1-off CORE Intranet

STOP paying for custom when it isn't necessary

Is a custom CORE worth 6-figures, endless focus groups, and 18-months or more?

Conserve Your Funds

for critical Collaboration & Line-Of-Business functionality

Build a best-in-class CORE Intranet

based on deep analysis of hundreds of award-winning Intranets

Drop the baggage and leapfrog over the basics

with our recipe and a small focused team

Deliver a future-ready intranet

that uses metadata instead of firm architecture, for infinite flexibility

No more re-architecting

when the business changes, simply tweak your metadata and move on

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Cost Less
Cost Less
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