Delivering a Consolidated Snapshot from Multiple SharePoint calendars

SharePoint doesn't handle multiple event calendars well

SharePoint doesn't handle multiple events calendars well

Modernization of Event calendars has been limited.

Unfortunately, SharePoint’s Modern functionality hasn’t yet delivered an easy way to manage this information natively. Today’s SharePoint Event Calendar is a Modern wrapper on legacy functionality. The Modern list, library and page functionality that many of us now rely on, hasn’t yet been introduced to Calendars. I have my fingers crossed that it will reach calendars at some point, but as-of today, Microsoft’s position is that they do not intend on addressing it.

Metadata and flexibility to reveal this information in different ways on a page, are where I see the biggest foundational gaps. The updated Event web part looks nice, but if you open-up the hood, it is still the same old lawn-mower engine in there. If Modern SharePoint is a sportscar (which I think it is), Events are a Karmen Ghia, not a Porsche.

How can we deliver this important functionality?

I’ve gone through each of the approaches available, tested them, analyzed them, and come-up with the approach that I think is best. It is a native O365 solution, it keeps the data clean, and it should support an easy transition to whatever solution Microsoft delivers in the future to solve the calendar gaps.

There are two parts to this issue:


Data Entry


Revealing the right information in an easily consumable format on a SharePoint page

We’ll cover each of these issues in detail on their own pages.

A lot of options that don't work very well

During the process, I tracked my exploration using a MindMap flowchart, which I’m sharing here in case you’re interested in seeing the pros & cons of the various approaches.

I recommend that you circle-back to review this detail after you’ve read the full article, otherwise it could be overwhelming.

decision tree

Click to view interactive mind map of solutions explored


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