Delivering a Consolidated Snapshot from Multiple SharePoint calendars

The Data Entry Problem

The Data Entry Problem

Here's a quick run-down of some of the related data entry issues, and recommended work-arounds.


Modern Event creation/edit screens only support a single default “Category”

Most of us have a hierarchy of metadata we’d like to be able to sort, filter, and group by.  It is super easy to create additional metadata columns, but you can only use these fields in Classic views.

Recommended work-Around:

In my idealized scenario, I’ve segregated major categories of events with separate communication sites for each.  This allows you to maintain News articles and calendars that are separate and still retain the single native “Category” calendar field for “sub-categories” which I’ve shown examples of here.

Company Events Icon


Official Company Events


  • Official Events
  • Important Deadlines
  • Training Opportunities
  • Sponsored Events
  • Holidays
  • Office Closure Dates
Future Important Events Icon

Flag any Company Event as Important

Ability to highlight any event as important to deliver a list of future important events.  Requires 2 metadata columns.

  1. Highlight as Important
  2. Importance Expiration Date
Operational Notices & Alerts


Notices and Alerts


  • Visitors
  • Maintenance Windows
  • Operational Alerts
  • Facility Alerts
  • Equipment Alerts
  • Change Management Reminders
Employee Announcements


Employee Announcements


  • Promotions
  • Team/Staff Reassignments
  • New Hires
  • Staff Exits
  • Birthdays
  • Employment Anniversaries
  • Personal Announcements

Highlighting an event as an important one

All events are not created equally.  Some are important and need to be called-out so people pay more attention to them.  This is a very critical requirement for critical operational and key business communication.

Recommended work-Around:

One of my previous posts outlines how to highlight important news articles using two meta-columns. We’ll use this same approach for highlighting important Calendar Events.

The only bump is that Contributors must be in a Classic event view when working with the highlight fields. The Modern event interface doesn’t reveal custom columns on the create/edit form.

This issue is eliminated by adding a button near all event views, to take the visitor to a monthly view, and then train your contributors to create their events here. Specs for the additional Metadata fields this approach requires are at the end of this article.

Specs for the additional Metadata fields this approach requires are at the end of this article.

SharePoint event data entry screen
Data entry screen for a new event, including metadata fields.
SharePoint calendar web part
Event Web Part shows Modern view of calendar. Always include Quick Link button to monthly view for editing.
Calendar web part
Smaller, stacked version of the Calendar web part. Again, always including the Monthly view button for editing.


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