How SharePoint Handles Images

How SharePoint Handles Images - Intro

SharePoint images are automatically scaled and cropped to deliver a balanced view

How does this work, and what are the best image sizes & proportions?

In particular, how are Header or Banner images impacted and what is the best image size for them?

We’re all familiar with the concept of responsive page design, but I doubt that many of us have given any thought to how images are actually handled in responsive framework.  This concept impacts Modern SharePoint significantly, and is most apparent when dealing with Header or Banner Images and sizes.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand how images are handled in SharePoint and to help define the best practices for managing them.

There are two key concepts that impact images in SharePoint Online:

1Responsive pages & how they work with images via scaling, cropping, focal points and column stacking.
2Single images used for more than one purpose (i.e. Headers)

To quickly get you to the info you’re looking for, this article is broken into a few different pages, each focusing on a single aspect of images in SharePoint.


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