How SharePoint Handles Images

SharePoint Header Images are Multi-Purpose

SharePoint Header Images are Multi-Purpose

What is a Multi-Purpose Image?

In today’s SharePoint online, each page can have an image associated with it. This image is used to represent the page in a number of places and formats.  This is the Page Header image (aka banner image).

If you're familiar with WordPress, SharePoint's page header image serves the same purpose as the "Featured Image."

In addition to the purposes that SharePoint has for the header image today, I’m sure that the future holds some new ones that haven’t been delivered yet. As a result, it is really important that you work within the parameters of the logic of the application, so your pages and images don’t stop working with some future update.

Here's some examples of current uses for Header Images in SharePoint:

  • Header Image of the article’s page
  • Page Thumbnail
  • News Aggregator Services
    • SharePoint Home
    • Sharepoint mobile app
  • News Web Part
    • Top Story view
    • List view
    • Side-by-side view
  • Site Activity Web Part
  • Highlighted Content Web Part
    • Cards view
    • List view
    • Carousel view
    • Filmstrip view
Web Part Layout Options
NEWS web part views
Web Part Layout Options

There’s just so many different ways that the header / banner image is used. There are a few consistent utilizations of the image, but for every consistent use, there are multiple unique ones.

This is an important thing to note - The Proportions of images change depending on the size and scale of the user's window at that moment.

A Single Image

5 different uses = presented in 5 different scalings and croppings


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