How SharePoint Handles Images

Testing Approach and Tools

Testing Approach and Tools

Grid Images

I used images representing different proportioned scaling, 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, traditional banner shapes and letterbox for example.  I tested both portrait and landscape cropping.

All of the images have a location measurement overlay–similar to wayfinding systems used in maps/cartography.  This allowed me to actually measure how much scaling or cropping was done.

When deep in the nitty-gritty of testing, I highlighted the defined focus point with a red circle.

This set-up of grid images allowed me to measure scaling and cropping.  They allowed me to easily compare inputs to results and results to each other.

You will see this style of image used to explain behavior and test results throughout the rest of this article.

Page Size, Scale & Layout

Using a methodological approach, I compared each web part that uses the header image thumbnail.  And I walked through each view/config option that impacts the header image–so for some web parts, I tested 8 or so set-ups.

I used a “One Third Right” Column layout for my testing pages.  Using a layout with two column widths gave an easy way to compare constrained width vs. unconstrained.  I simply placed a replica of the configured web part in each of the columns.

I scaled my window to be “Full width.” This is the sweet-spot of window scale/width where the page contents no longer grow, rather white space begins to be added on both sides.

Web Part layout options


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