The Issue with PowerApps and SharePoint Calendars

"All Day" SharePoint Calendar events display incorrect time in Power Apps

The Issue with Power Apps and SharePoint Calendars - Intro

Practical explanation of the problem in terms you can understand.

The steps I took to work-around the issue.

beth boxed in the head

There’s a big issue when using a SharePoint event calendar as a data source in Power Apps.

I have found very technical scenario-specific mentions of it in developer forums, but I’ve been unable to find any real practical advice to help me understand the principles of what is going on, or how to create logic to work around it.

It took me a week to figure it all out enough to fix the issue in my Company Happenings PowerApp template (available free to the community).  Rather than just losing all the info I came to understand, I’m writing it all down here in an effort to help others that are trying to solve the same or similar problems.


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