Be an image Design SuperHero

One of the most valuable things I have in my toolkit is a slick online service

Canva is my first line of defense, and I use it constantly.

Essentially, every time I need to do something where the deliverable is an image file, I almost always do it in Canva. It is the best $12.95 I spend each month. They have a free version, which you should check-out first, but the paid version allows me to save a standard color palette, resize designs, export transparent stuff, and a few other things I find are well worth the dinero.

I edit, resize and combine images and text or multiple images. I use it to create banners, ads, icons, headers, social media headers, channel art, and even down-and-dirty logos.

It is seriously, the easiest little tool I’ve come across, and every day I’m surprised by a new use–here’s a few of them & how long it took me to do:


I have snapshots of 10 people, that I need to turn into headshot images. All their heads need to be scaled & located consistently. Cropped to a circle, with a transparent outside, sized to 800 x 800 px, saved to .png


Each of 7 icons needs a different color background. Each exported to 3 different proportions & 2 different resolutions


Create a featured image for a SharePoint news article, FROM MY PHONE


Create a special 1-off gift tag with a picture of the recipient on it

Here’s some of the things I like about

  • Jam-packed full of templates and ideas
  • Everything is well designed. They’re contemporary, clean ideas to start from
  • It is great for folks that don’t know a lot about design (a lot of Intranet contributors and IT technicians fall into this category)
  • Super easy to try out different ideas before you settle on something
  • There’s just a TON of designs, images, backgrounds, fonts, frames, and other elements to work from

Don’t take my word for it, sign-up for one of their free accounts & check it out.

Note: I’m not getting anything for this referral at all, and I don’t know anything about the people that created it. Canva is just a great service that I want to support, so it can keep getting better.


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