Mind Manager Helps Tame your Intranet

Is it a flowchart or a database? its both!

Manage your project more effectively.

  • Produce status reports from your architecture maps
  • Track future items in an organized “parking lot”
  • Add date stamps and notes on the fly
  • Use alternative views of our plan to uncover hidden gotchas
  • Use icons, flags and tags to organize key information. Combine them to filter views on-the-fly
  • Display powerful visual alternatives in meetings to ensure clarity and direction

The right tool will save you days and days of time

Mind Manager IS the right Mapping tool

All Straighten The Maze architecture maps and flow charts are delivered as native Mind Manager files.

  • All Straighten The Maze architecture maps and flow charts are delivered as native Mind Manager files.
  • Files are not available in other formats.
  • Mind Manager licensing is not part of the Straighten The Maze report package.
  • All customers are responsible for their own licensing of Mind Manager.

Why not Visio?

Mind Manager’s deliverable may look like something you’ve created in Visio, but the application isn’t at all like Visio. Comparing the two is like comparing Word and Excel for creating a table…yes you can do it, and it may look the same in the end, but Excel has a whole host of features that you’d have to do manually (or not at all) in Word. You can balance your checkbook in Word, but the right tool is Excel.

Visio is a great diagraming tool that many of us are already familiar with.

  • It is great for documenting things that are known.
  • It is time consuming to create and to edit diagrams, and difficult to capture the flow of ideas.
  • It isn’t so great for quick on-the-fly changes and active on-screen option demonstrations.
  • Trying to use Visio to take notes and make dynamic, on-screen changes in a meeting will waste a lot of time for everyone in the room.
  • It simply isn’t meant for quick, real-time idea mapping.

Mind Manager is quite a bit different

  • It is an idea mapping tool that allows you to expand and collapse branches
  • Tag and embellish topics easily
  • You’ll be able to filter and sort views based on tags
  • It has a wealth of project and task management capabilities.
  • You’re able to work in map, outline or schedule views.
  • assign categories, tags, and icons on the fly.
  • Puts the big picture, and all the little details together, right in front, giving you a clear dynamic picture.
  • Allows you take all the scattered ideas and disconnected data, and transform them into a clear visual map.
  • Enables you to see the big picture, and keep all the details in context.
  • Its that context that is so important in an Intranet project.
  • There’s even a presentation mode.
  • Frankly, it is my PM secret weapon.

Eyeroll Please

You may be rolling your eyes at the idea of buying and learning another application, I get it…but with a project like this, I need to convey (and you need to manage) a lot of inter-related multi-dimensional information—and there’s not many tools that will support it. The decision to produce the diagrams in an application other than Visio was not one I took lightly, I did many tests and comparisons, and Visio just couldn’t support it.

Straighten The Maze has no financial relationship
with any products recommended

MindJet Mind Manager

MindJet offers a free 30-day trial of the software, and both Mac or PC versions are available. Its a robust application, and priced as such—currently $350 for the full PC version. I have no affiliation with the software, it is just the right tool for the job.

The Mind Manager web site includes a nice video intro along with their detailed information page. It is not a difficult application to use, but it is robust, so unless you’re already a whiz with graphic applications, you’ll likely need to review a few of their training videos.


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