Anatomy of a Modern SharePoint Intranet

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This infographic was created to help frame and organize your intranet content, architecture and planning.  The goal is to help you quickly create the best strategy for your Intranet.

The concepts outlined are based on deep analysis of over 100 award-winning Intranet sites.  They are applicable to any Intranet.

Use this infographic to:

  • Break down a complex intranet project so it is less overwhelming
  • Organize and frame your Intranet strategy
  • Understand key considerations for your intranet project
  • Solidify your plans
  • Explain it to others

Anatomy of a Modern SharePoint Intranet Infographic

colorful diagram explaining SharePoint intranet

PDF also includes each section of infographic on a single page for optimized printing

SharePoint Intranet content strategy explained in pictures
SharePoint Intranet plan explained in pictures
SharePoint Intranet roadmap explained in pictures

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Straighten the Maze is working to simplify intranets by building standards for the CORE things we all do. We’re focused on the common foundational items that are complicated, easy to get wrong, and that every business creates from scratch.

By delivering prescriptive standards to modernize and simplify this process, we’re helping get the basics out of your hair so you can move on the truly unique things your business needs.

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Ways you can use our Intranet Architecture Template

Use Intranet architecture template to: validate your plan, fix a mess, content checklist, speed-up decisions, reduce second-guesses & conflict, kick-start...

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